How We Met

When we moved to Cancun in 2015, we were asked by Jesenia's grandma's caretaker to take a couple of things to her nephew who lived in Cancun. One of those things was a big winter coat(????). When we got there we met with her nephew at a restaurant in town. This was our first meeting with Pastor Arturo Guzman. He shared with us the story of his childhood and being raised by his mother and his alcoholic father. Pastor Arturo explained how his father's choices affected him as an adult and led to his own drinking and anger problems. He told us of how he once fought someone for just honking at him. [Story of how he turned his life around]. 



Some of the goals for 2018 that we have pledged to help YWAM Cancun reach this year are:

1. Build 2 homes in Cuna Maya and continue the “Dry Roofs, Solid Floors” and sanitation projects.

2. Raise $1,000 USD a month for our Scholarship program, and thus fully fund the education of 5 children.

what your blanket provides

Each blanket purchased provides a family with a Christmas dinner. The dinners were designed to be packaged in a way that families could easily pick it up at the local church and take it back home to enjoy as a family on Christmas Eve. The meal includes a rotisserie chicken, 2 pounds of soup, 2 pounds of salad, a 2 liter soda, 4 dinner rolls, and papergoods (Utensils, plates, napkins). All is packed inside a reusable container with a sticker that, when translated says, "Jesus goes with me".

who receives the meals

Families living in poverty in Cancun, Mexico. Most live in homes that don't have electricity or access to water making it hard for them to have a hot, homemade meal. Christmas is usually spent like any other day.

how the meals are delivered

Pastor Arturo arranges the deliveries months before with a local church located in the selected towns. In 2016, 10 towns received meals. Each church receives 100 tickets to distribute to the community. It's not required that the families attend the church. On Christmas Eve each container is packed with food by volunteers from the church and loaded onto the trucks. The trucks then make their way to feed the awaiting families.