Why The Name "Siestas For Fiestas"?

Why the name “Siestas For Fiestas”? The short answer is that our company started by us selling beach blankets called “Siesta Blankets” and providing families meals with a portion of the profits. So, you siesta and they fiesta.

The long answer is that when Chris and I moved out to Cancun we wanted a fun hashtag for our adventure. So, we came up with #FromHustleandBustletoSiestasAndFiestas. Yes, the world's longest hashtag. While living in Cancun we met Pastor Arturo and were inspired by his heart to help others by providing Christmas meals every year to underprivileged families. So we wanted to help. We came up with the idea to make beach blankets and for each one sold a meal would be provided to a family living in poverty. The blankets could be called Siesta Blankets and we could provide Christmas Fiestas. You siesta, they fiesta!

As our business has grown so have our products and services. We now sell shirts & bags. We provide an ice cream cart service for events all over Southern California. We started a non-profit that allows us to raise money by hosting events and trips to Cancun. We are now so much more than a Siesta Blanket. But at the heart of what we do, we want to give you opportunities to give back. So while you siesta, travel, fiesta you are able to be a part of breaking the cycle of poverty. 


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