Traveling with a baby

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to get Alexandra's passport ASAP. We visit Cancun every December to prepare for the Christmas meals and it was important to us that we didn't miss this years. So at 3 months old our baby girl took her first flight and I am happy to announce that we made it there and back without any screaming on the plane. Yay! So I wanted to share some things I learned in hopes that it will help you adventurous mamas.

1. Must haves

These items were super helpful for us: A carrier to get through the airport easier. A blanket to keep baby nice and warm during the flight. A diaper bag that also doubles as your purse so you aren't carrying a million bags. A bottle ready to go for take-off. A pacifier with an attached clip so you can keep it close by in case baby gets fussy. Last but not least, an extra outfit for you and the baby.  Below are our faves with links.

Traveling with a baby

Carrier- New Native | Blanket- Siesta Mini | Bag- Fawn Design | Bottle- Como Tomo | Pacifier Clip- Yarn and Hook Made | Extra Outfit- Siesta Onesie

2. Feed them on the way up and down

To avoid your baby getting fussy from the pressure feed them once you take off and as you are landing. I brought a bottle just in case she didn't want to nurse. She always takes bottles so I knew she'd take it when I needed her to. 

3. Buy diapers there

So this one really depends on where you are going. Chris and I are really comfortable with Cancun and knew that the local supermarkets would have diapers so we decided not to pack a whole suitcase full of them. This really helped us avoid extra fees for another luggage. If you know that you will be able to buy diapers where you are going then just pack enough for 2 days in your carry-on.

4. Stay with your routine

We don't have a set schedule. Our life is too crazy so we rather stick to a routine rather than determine everything by the time of day. Alexandra is on the Eat, Play, Sleep routine and that helps us know why she's fussy. So when we had to wake her up earlier than normal to head to the airport we stuck with the routine and it really helped me know that her fussiness when we got on the plane meant she was sleepy. I put her in the baby carrier, rocked her and she was out for most of the flight.

5. Stay calm

I swear these babes can smell your fear and feed off it. I tried to remember that the worst thing that will happen is she will scream for 5 hours and everyone will hate me, but I won't ever see them again so it'll be okay. Just try to be considerate about the time of day you fly. If they scream during a red eye flight, then yes everyone will hate you. Try your best to pick a mid-morning flight so people aren't trying to sleep and are more patient. Trust your parental instincts, rock them, play their favorite song or feed them. They will do great but even if they don't... you will be on vacay soon!



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