DIY Costumes Using Your Siesta Blanket

Halloween is less than 2 weeks away. Don't have a costume yet? No worries, we've got you covered! By using your Siesta Blanket you can easily transform dresses in your closet into costumes. Both costumes are inspired by our love for the Mexican culture. Each blanket purchased provides a meal for a family in Mexico. 

FRIDA KAHLO DIY COSTUME // With a black maxi and your Siesta Blanket wrapped around your shoulders, you can easily put together your Frida Kahlo Costume. 

Frida Kahlo DIY Costume Halloween

SENORITA DIY COSTUME // Grab one of your off the shoulder dresses and tie your Siesta Blanket around your waist for a Senorita costume.

Mexican Spanish Senorita DIY Halloween Costume


Siestas For Fiestas is a boutique blanket shop with a goal to end poverty in the areas surrounding Cancun. Shop our line to be part of the change.


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