How to Make a Difference

If given $2.50 to shop for groceries, people may laugh at the thought of even attempting to buy food with that amount of money.

However, about 3 billion people in the world live on less than $2.50 a day. Yes, a day.

A majority of people living off this miniscule amount of income are just eating one bowl of rice a day, and if they are lucky, some beans. A majority of people affected by poverty are in Africa, but it is a global issue.

For example, in Mexico, 43% of the population is affected by poverty; that adds up to about 55 million people. About 3% are in extreme poverty, living off of less than $1.90 a day.

With poverty comes hunger, lack of sanitation, and little access to education. One can see how little mobility these people have within their socioeconomic status, and when people realize this they tend to lose hope.

However you can help, and here are some ways how:

Work with Give Back Brands

Donating to a cause is probably the easiest way to give back and spark some change, but people lose that person to person connection when their money is donated and they don't hear about who was positively affected.

At Siestas for Fiestas and Paleta Please, a portion of all the products sold, whether it be our blankets, apparel, beach bags or ice cream, is donated towards the projects we are working on to help end poverty in Cancun, Mexico.

We currently work with Jamie Martin and Darius Ernst, full time missionaries with YWAM Cancun. Their organization helps build homes, provides scholarships and hosts a discipleship training program. Here is some of our work with them: 

Mother's Perspective on Scholarships from Siestas For Fiestas on Vimeo.

We also work with Pastor Arturo Guzman who is also from Cancun. Him and his congregation provide meals for families on Christmas and hold events all throughout the year to help end poverty.

Donate Your Time

Volunteering is an aspect of community engagement that many people overlook when trying to address poverty. All someone has to do is donate some of their time and they are making a positive impact with a group of like minded individuals who want to give back to their communities!

Taking a volunteer vacation is a great way to give back your time, and that can be locally or globally. Siestas for Fiestas has local events that raise awareness and money for poverty in Mexico.

At our last event, we brought together families for Mothers day to showcase the recipient of our annual scholarship. The event not only raised money for our charity, the Siestas for Fiestas Foundation, but it also helped spread awareness on issues regarding poverty in Mexico. Volunteering globally can also help, taking mission trips or volunteering with the Peace Corps is a great way to help developing countries.

Volunteers in Mexico making food for local families.

One of the best ways to find local opportunities is to go through LA Works. This serves as a database for Angelenos who want to put a weekend aside to volunteer, and the options are endless. They have opportunities that help out for hunger and homelessness, children and youth education, family services, the environment, and the list goes on.

Another great organization to work with is Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit that builds houses all over the world for people with poor housing conditions. I personally worked with my Government class during my senior year of high school, and we raised enough family to build a home for a family in Haiti! They push to build affordable homes that ends the cycle of poverty for families.

Spread Awareness

Being knowledgeable about these issues is the first step to wanting to create some change. Most people do not know that the majority of the world is living below the poverty line, so spreading awareness can create a spark in someone to want to do something about it.

So take to social media, make videos, write about it; do whatever you can to spread the stories of people who are affected by poverty, and we can put an end to it one person at a time.

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